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Having more than one SmartSaver goal is what you’ve been asking for and we’re excited to share this new update with you.

What’s new?

Until now, you could only save for one SmartSaver goal. We realized the limitations of this as many people (us included) have more goals they wish to save for at a time.

With the latest version of HelloGold SmartSaver, you can now save for all your different goals by adding more SmartSaver goals!


Save for your loved ones

We’ve added a new option for you to start a savings plan for your loved ones.

Save for your child

Ever thought of gifting gold savings to your child when he/she turns 18? You can now add a new SmartSaver goal labelled ‘Child’.

Save for your parents

Wish to start a rainy day fund for your parents? Simply add ‘Parents’ as a new SmartSaver goal.

A smarter way to track all your savings goals

It can get messy putting aside your savings for a new camera, vacation and an emergency fund all in one savings account.

Having separate SmartSaver goals makes it easier for you to view, track progress and save consistently every month for each of your goals.

How to add more SmartSaver goals

Once you subscribe to your first SmartSaver goal all you have to do is tap on ‘ADD A GOAL’ to save for a new SmartSaver goal.

how to add more SmartSaver goals


More choices, more goals (coming soon!)

Even more exciting news: we are currently working on creating even MORE SmartSaver goals, so you’ll have more options to choose from.

Stay tuned!

Update your HelloGold app now!

Enjoy the benefits of having more SmartSaver goals when you update your HelloGold version now.

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