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Unlock the Gold

Refer Friends
Unlock Prizes
Win More Gold

Share your HelloGold referral code and be rewarded. Get RM5 for every successful referral and stand a chance to win up to RM500!

HelloGold Savers

Refer your friends with your HelloGold referral code and work together to unlock the tiers of the gold prize! The final prize depends on the total number of successful referrals at the end of the promo period.

Unlock to Win

Achieve more referrals together and unlock bigger gold prizes

How to Win

The HelloGold saver with the most successful
referrals will win the unlocked prize!

Share Now,
Here's How!

Step 1
Login to HelloGold and tap ‘Rewards’

Step 2
Tap the ‘Share’ button to copy your referral code.

Step 3
Send it to your family and friends and remind them to key in the code.

Step 4
When they use your referral code and purchase a minimum of RM50*, RM5 worth of gold will be rewarded into your account.

* Applicable for first time users only

Got a Code
From a Friend?

Step 1
Login to HelloGold and tap ‘Rewards’

Step 2
Tap ‘Enter Code’.

Step 3
Enter your friend’s referral code into the empty field and tap ‘Apply’.

Step 4
Head back to your homepage and tap ‘Buy Gold’

Step 5
Purchase a minimum of RM50 worth of gold on your first transaction and you will receive a rebate of RM5.

Share Your Code
on Social Media

Download this image and customize it to share your referral code on your social media.

  1. 01
    Right-click the image and save it.
  2. 02
    Add your referral code in the box provided.
  3. 03
    Share this image on your social media page.

Refer a Friend

Big thanks to all who participated in unlocking the gold.

Unlock the Gold logo

Congratulations Mar Thien Ho!

You have the
highest number of referrals: 11

There will be more gold challenges and prizes coming soon, so stay tuned.