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The new way to
save in gold

HelloGold is an award-winning savings app built to protect your wealth with gold. Buy, save, sell or redeem physical gold straight from your mobile phone.

Register for a HelloGold account today and make your first RM20 in gold savings to enjoy RM5 in gold rewards.

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What we offer

Buy, save and sell gold instantly.
Track live gold prices every minute.
Withdraw your savings whenever you need it.
Redeem your physical gold starting from 1 gram.
Send gold to anyone with a valid HelloGold account.
Refer your friends and family and get rewarded with gold.

Gold protects your savings

Shield Yourself Against Inflation

Gold has been proven to rise in value when currency loses its worth.

Secure Your Wealth

Gold has held its value throughout history because of its unique physical properties and scarcity.

Expand Your Financial Portfolio

Gold is a great low-risk asset that could balance out high-risk investments, like stocks and bonds.

Our gold

✔ Physical investment-grade gold

The gold you purchase from us is 99.99% investment grade, which is the purest form of gold you can find.

✔ Fully allocated

You are the legal owner of the gold you purchase.

✔ Fully insured & audited

Your gold is insured against all risks and regularly tested for its authenticity.

✔ Shariah-compliant

We are certified Shariah-compliant by Amanie Advisors. View the fatwa issued to us here.

Smart ways to save

Direct purchase

Buy gold from as low as RM1 and build your savings as you go. Save according to your personal affordability, when you want, in any amount you want.

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Forget the hassle of monitoring daily gold prices. SmartSaver is a personalised, automated 12-month savings plan that buys gold for you at the lowest price every weekday.

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How to get started

Step 1

Download HelloGold from the Google Play or App Store.

Step 2

Register and verify your details.

Step 3

Buy any amount of gold from RM1!

Malaysians love using HelloGold

We’re transparent about fees

There are no hidden fees within our service. Any fees charged have been optimized to be as affordable as possible.

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We’re serious about security

Your gold is secured, insured & audited in our trusted vaults in Singapore.


What our customers say

It’s actually hassle-free, it’s time saving and also it’s really easy. Nadirah

Business Executive