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Home » Stressed About Your Finances? 5 Ways HelloGold SmartSaver Eases Your Financial Strain!

With today’s wide selection of products and services, we are pressured to spend more than ever before. It can be tempting to spend your spare cash on that seasonal sale or travel offer. For that reason, managing your finances can be a difficult and time-consuming experience.

While you might prefer to push these concerns aside, maintaining your savings is important to ensure you have enough for emergencies or future expenses. Using SmartSaver could alleviate your worries.


You Have A Clear Goal

Setting a financial goal is a great way to motivate yourself to save. With this, you’ll have a solid picture of what you want to achieve and the steps you need to take to get there. This could be for a wedding, a vacation, or for more general purposes like your retirement.

With SmartSaver, you won’t have to go through a lengthy plan to achieve your goal. Instead, SmartSaver will encourage you to decide on something that you’d like to accomplish within 12 months. You’ll then decide on a monthly amount to put aside; from a minimum of RM30 to a maximum of RM1000 a month.

After the year passes, you’ll have saved enough to reach your goal!


You Save In Gold

Historically, gold has always been a symbol of wealth because of its scarcity and unique physical properties. Unlike other metals, it doesn’t react with air, water, or any other elements, which means that it won’t ever corrode over time. People have found all sorts of uses for gold, such as in jewellery, electronics, and even dentistry.

Owning gold means that you can pass your wealth down to future generations because it will never lose its value. Simply holding your savings in cash can be risky, as your ringgit may depreciate over time. Gold, on the other hand, is a great hedge against inflation, and is actually proven to rise in value when paper currency loses its worth!


You Get To Save At The Lowest Gold Price

If you want to save in gold, you must be wondering when the best time to buy gold is, and how to secure it at the lowest price. After all, the lower the price of your gold, the more likely it is to increase in value as prices go up!

A simple solution is to sign up for a SmartSaver plan. Every weekday, this intelligent savings plan will scan through live gold prices and purchase it at the lowest price possible for you.


Did We Mention That SmartSaver Is Fully Automated?

Monitoring live gold prices can be difficult and time-consuming on top of your other daily tasks. Instead, let SmartSaver do the work for you!

It saves you the hassle of constantly monitoring live gold prices yourself, leaving you free to do what you love. You’ll only have to put down your set monthly amount before the beginning of the next month, and SmartSaver will do the rest!


You Can Set And Forget

If making a monthly payment is too inconvenient, you can always opt to use our Direct Debit option. With Direct Debit, all you have to do is set your recurring payment for your 12 month period and let SmartSaver take care of your gold purchases.

Payments are made automatically so you never have to worry about falling behind on your savings. It’s a simple process that will allow you to carry on with your daily activities while watching your gold grow!

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