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Your fully automated
personal savings plan

Say hello to SmartSaver

We’ve created a monthly savings plan that helps you buy gold every working day at the lowest prices. With SmartSaver, you can save quickly, efficiently, and automatically. Set a goal to reach within 12 months, decide on your monthly allocation, and watch your savings grow!

Not your average savings plan

Automated savings

SmartSaver buys gold and grows your savings for you.

Lowest daily rates

The plan purchases your gold at the lowest price every weekday.

Set and forget

Activate Direct Debit and never miss a monthly payment.

Enroll in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Click ‘Learn More’ under the HelloGold SmartSaver option.

Step 2

Pick a goal to achieve within 12 months.

Step 3

Set a monthly savings amount  between RM30 – RM1,000.

Enroll Now

How SmartSaver works

SmartSaver divides your monthly savings across the number of weekdays in the month, to buy gold for you at the lowest price every weekday.

Terms & conditions apply

How to activate Direct Debit

Make recurring monthly payments from your bank account to your goals with Direct Debit. Just set and forget, and watch your savings grow!

What our customers say

When I use SmartSaver, I am more aware of my savings, so I know how to save even more. I can actually control my savings.