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Ever wondered how you can make your money grow?

There are many investment vehicles that can grow your money, but learning about them all can be confusing and time-consuming. After all, who has so much free time anyway?

To make things easier for you, we’ve done all the work to learn and compare popular methods.

So regardless of how much money you have to invest, this list includes simple and affordable options for you to grow your money.


Super low-risk investment options

Go with these options if you don’t like risk and want to enjoy peace of mind with fixed returns. Keep in mind that putting your money into super-safe investment plans isn’t going to grow your money very much, but it’s almost a guaranteed way to grow your money.



a. Savings Accounts

This is the easiest option (you probably already do it). Open a savings account with your bank of choice and just put your money there.

Interest rates: range from 1% – 3.50%

Tip: don’t go for anything lower than 3%.


b. Fixed Deposits

Fixed deposits (FD) give you a higher rate of interest than a regular savings account.

Much like a savings account, you would need to deposit a fixed amount of savings over a fixed time period of time. Your bank then gives you back a fixed percentage of returns every 3, 6 or 12 months according to your account type.

Unlike regular savings accounts, you can’t access your savings in a fixed deposit for the stipulated duration of time or you risk losing your interest.

Interest rates: vary from 3%-5%

Tip: go for highest rates if you have more cash to grow. Go with a lower minimum for a lower interest rate if you have less disposable money to save.


Low-risk investment options

Low-risk investments are made to grow your money in the long term. Go with this option if you believe “slow and steady wins the race’’.


a. Bonds

Bonds can potentially be a higher-yielding alternative to savings or fixed deposits.

The simplest way to explain bonds is that they are essentially loans. When companies or governments need to raise capital for whatever reason (infrastructure, facilities, or expansion), they issue bonds that you can buy.

After an agreed time period, the government or company (bond issuer) should pay you back your money with interest.

Retail bonds issued by eligible issuers (verified by the Securities Commission) can be traded either on Bursa Malaysia or via appointed banks.

Interest rates: can range from 4.5% -15%


b. Mutual Funds & Unit Trusts

Do you like the idea of diversifying your investments instead of putting your money in one type of investment plan? Then mutual funds and unit trusts are for you, especially if you aren’t keen on researching or actively managing multiple investments in your portfolio.

Without getting into the major differences between the two, mutual funds and unit trusts are basically pools of money managed by a fund manager, whose job is to reinvest those funds to grow the best returns for you and other investors.

Returns: varies, depending on your mutual fund/unit trust of choice, how long you choose to invest, and how well your fund manager invests your money.


c. Gold

Gold is a precious metal that is valued all around the world and is known to steadily increase in value over the long term. Investors are attracted to gold because of its consistent ability to hedge against inflation as well as its nature as an insurance commodity during times of economic crises.

Go for gold if you’re looking at a unique, tangible asset class that steadily grows in value and is able to protect your wealth during bad economic conditions.

Returns: Varies. Gold has consistently outperformed most asset classes in the market, with a history to reliably grow over time.



Medium-high risk options

Medium to high-risk investments can potentially give you great returns at the risk of some losses. This option is for you if you’re completely okay with experiencing possible downturns for greater returns in the medium-long term.

a. Shares

Shares are a portion of ownership in a company. When you buy shares in a company, you should find out if they are profitable and suitable for you to invest.

Returns: Varies. When a company becomes profitable, you can expect your share to grow in value, which you can sell at a higher price in the future.


How to get started:

1. Open a brokerage account

2. Choose a company with a good track record

3. Buy shares

4. Wait for the share value to increase

5. Sell when share prices are above your initial purchase

Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that companies will be profitable, run a deficit, go bankrupt or lose their market capital value.

b. Equity crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding (ECF) is a relatively new investment vehicle in Malaysia. ECF’s offer you the opportunity to invest in new companies for a direct equity stake in that company.

Returns: Once the company reaches its objectives, you become a shareholder of the company and will receive its associated benefits in terms of dividends and/or capital appreciation.

Do note that ECF is risky as you are investing in the early stages of companies which may not do well. It’s possible to lose part or all of your investment, so we recommend doing enough research on the companies you wish to fund.

c. Peer-to-peer lending

Instead of buying equity, you can loan your money to new companies who promise to pay you back with a high-interest rate.

Returns: Varies. You can expect to receive monthly repayments a month or two after your initial investment with added interest.

Keep in mind that P2P lending is risky as companies who apply for P2P loans tend to be startups/small businesses that aren’t well established. Meaning there’s a possibility these businesses might fail and/or default on their loans.


The smart investment option

Go with this option if you want your money to consistently and steadily grow without all the hassle of actively managing your investment.

HelloGold’s SmartSaver Plan

SmartSaver is a monthly gold savings plan that combines low-risk traditional savings with the reliable returns of gold investments.

You can enjoy a low-risk, zero-hassle gold savings plan that automatically saves a fixed amount of your money every month. SmartSaver will then automatically buy and save gold for you at the lowest prices every weekday.

Registration is free and you can cancel and withdraw your returns at any time.

Returns: Same as conventional gold savings accounts – your returns will vary but you can rest assured knowing gold has reliably grown in value over time.


Start growing your money today

Can’t decide which investment option is best? The key is to just start saving and find an investment option that suits you best. You’ll find that having a diverse portfolio is a great way to manage risk and optimize your financial growth.


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