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When you decide to save in gold, you should consider how long to hold on to it.

How long is the long-term, exactly? Can you buy and sell it in the short run to make a profit? When can you expect to see value from your gold investment?

Robin Lee, CEO of HelloGold shares his insight:


You should hold gold for as long as you hold unit trusts or any savings program.

Gold is not designed to be a short-term investment. Similar to equities and unit trusts, you should look at gold as a long-term investment. The difference is that instead of growing large profits, gold is meant to preserve your wealth.

Gold’s real value is its proven ability to consistently hedge against inflation. During times of economic crises, it stands as a safe haven asset for many countries and people. In the long run, gold’s tendency to keep pace with the rising costs of living is how it truly shines.

As a long-term asset, gold can be both your financial safety net and nest egg.

With that in mind, most financial experts agree that you should hold your gold savings for a minimum of 3-5 years.


Hold your gold for the future

Gold is a credible long-term savings plan. Instead of expecting short-term returns within a year or two, HelloGold encourages everyone to save in gold for 3-5 years or more to build your nest egg or safety net.

At HelloGold, we believe saving for the long-term is the smarter and more responsible way to your better financial future.

Have more questions about how to build your golden nest egg? Perhaps you wish to know more about why you should hold your gold for more than 3-5 years? Drop us an email and ask us anything at hello@hellogold.com!

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