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Your beliefs determine whether you will be rich or poor in life. With that in mind, it’s time to check if you’ve been limiting yourself with these common false beliefs that many Malaysians have about money.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from and how much money you make; if you have unhealthy money beliefs, it’s time to get rid of them and start managing your money like a boss.

Here are 5 beliefs that block you from being a master of your money.


1. “I’m too broke la!”


Thinking you’re broke all the time grounds you in an unproductive mindset. Everytime you think about how much money you don’t have, you’re not thinking about how you can better manage your money.

The solution is simple:

Instead of saying you’re broke whenever your ‘kaki ajak lepak’, start saying ‘I want to manage my money better by cutting down on expenses’.

This puts you in a positive mindset where you’re always reminded to actively manage your money well.

Benefit: You save RM5 on indomee and RM2.50 on teh ais.

P.S. if your friends make you feel bad for not wanting to go out, remind them there are always cheaper alternatives to spending time together.

Like playing monopoly, which we all know doesn’t ruin friendships.


2. “Better buy if on discount”


“Takkan tak nak beli if on discount kan!”

This is a trap.

More often than not you don’t need that extra pair of jeans just because it’s ‘buy 2 free 1’. Don’t buy something you don’t need just because it’s cheaper. If you didn’t need it at full price, you probably don’t need it at half price.

Some things to consider:

  • If you don’t need it right now, don’t buy it
  • Brands will always offer incentives for your money
  • There will always be a promotion/deal for something else you want in the future

3. You Have To Work Hard To Be Wealthy


This one is tricky. Yes, you need to put in the sweat and tears to make something work but only if the end goal is to earn more money by doing less work.

So you should focus on finding smart ways to be wealthy.

Instead of prioritizing working hard, try working smart to build your wealth by:

  • Learning more on personal finance
  • Finding ways to earn passive income
  • Avoiding limiting beliefs (you’re reading this right now!)
  • Learning how to grow your savings
  • Learning complementary skills in your career
  • Keeping up to date on saving options and platforms. (ProTip: enter your email in the subscription box at
  • the end of this article to get useful financial tips and gold news)

4. Money can’t buy happiness


While this may seem true, having money can create more opportunities to make you and your loved ones happy. When you have more wealth, you are in a better position to work on the things in life that matter.

Instead of believing money can’t buy happiness, start believing that money can help get you to places that bring you joy.

5. I’m not good with money


Last and most importantly, nobody needs to be a financial expert to manage their money well and live comfortably.

If you keep thinking you’re not good with money, you will never progress to being in control of your financial life. Change your mantra by picking up healthy financial habits such as daily budgeting.

Stop limiting yourself and start believing that you can be a master of your money.

Are you ready to get ahead in life and start growing your money?


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