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HelloGold allows customers to buy 99.99% investment grade gold at a price quoted in real time as reflected by COMEX in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) without the hassle of keeping the physical gold. HelloGold’s gold product is fully backed by allocated investment grade physical gold securely vaulted with and insured by a bullion custodian in Singapore. The returns on investment depend on movement of the gold price.

  • Eligibility Requirements:
    1. Be a citizen or permanent resident of Malaysia;
    2. Be eighteen (18) years of age or above; and
    3. Have a valid Malaysian identification card.
  • Minimum Purchase: RM1 of 99.99% allocated investment grade gold
  • Physical Gold Redemption: In multiples of 1 gram
  • Operating Hours: Buy and sell 23 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Gold Purchase: Based on HelloGold’s prevailing gold selling price quoted in RM per gram. No physical gold deposit is allowed
  • Gold Sale: Based on HelloGold’s prevailing gold buying price quoted in RM per gram
  • Buy Gold/ Withdraw Gold: Through in-app bank transfer
  • Annual Administrative Fee: 2% per annum of the value of the gold held accrued on a daily basis and charged on a monthly basis. All fees and charges stated in the section titled “Fees” appearing under the “Our Product” page of the HelloGold Platform are inclusive of Sales and Services Tax (SST), where applicable. HelloGold takes its fees from the amount of gold owned by the customer. Therefore the quantity of gold owned by the customer will be reduced due to the sale of gold necessary to pay the administrative fee attributed to the gold in the customer’s account.
  • Sales and Purchases: The price per gram for each sale or purchase expressed in RM is quoted in the HelloGold app at HelloGold’s sole and absolute discretion taking into account all factors it deems relevant, including but not limited to the prevailing world and local market conditions for gold, the exchange rate between United States Dollar (or any other foreign currency adopted) and Ringgit Malaysia and the gold fineness.
  • Withdrawals: Requests for the redemption of physical gold from HelloGold can be made through the HelloGold mobile app. Each withdrawal of physical gold shall be subject to a minimum quantity of 1 gram and in multiples of 1 gram or such other minimum quantity as may be determined by HelloGold from time to time, subject to the payment of the prevailing fees, taxes and charges (inclusive of insurance and transport charges) for the delivery of the physical gold to the customer. The customer is required to acknowledge the receipt of the physical gold in person. In the event that the customer is unable to take receipt of the physical gold, HelloGold shall be at liberty and is irrevocably authorized by the customer to sell the physical gold without any prior notice to the customer and the customer will be liable for the applicable insurance charges and transportation costs (including but not limited to GST or any other taxes, incurred in the sale of the physical gold). HelloGold shall not be at any time under any duty and/or obligation to purchase and/or buy back the physical gold so withdrawn by the customer.
  • Closure of Account: The customer is entitled to close the HelloGold account by selling all the gold therein to HelloGold at the buying price as shall be quoted by HelloGold at the time of such sale and all proceeds of sale therefrom shall be paid to the customer in RM by crediting the customer’s bank account. Additionally, HelloGold has the discretion to consider any HelloGold account closed if it appears in HelloGold’s record that the HelloGold has a zero or nil balance for an extended period of time, upon the withdrawal of all the gold and cash available in the HelloGold account or by operation of law.
  • Cookies: The HelloGold Website use cookies to distinguish you from other users of our website. This helps us to improve your browsing experience and evaluate the use of our Website content. By continuing to use the HelloGold website, you authorize the use of cookies.
  • Limits: HelloGold may, at its sole and absolute discretion, impose:
    1. a daily maximum amount permitted for buy and sell to a cumulative aggregate of 5 kilograms of gold per day and,
    2. a further maximum limit of 500 grams of gold per buy or sell order.
  • Insolvency: If, due to unforeseen circumstances, HelloGold were to become insolvent, the insolvency of HelloGold would not affect your property rights with regard to your bullion in a HelloGold Account.
  • Risks
    Gold held in a HelloGold account is a non-principal guaranteed product, non-interest bearing account and it is not insured by Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia.The net return on a HelloGold account relates directly to the value of the gold held in the customer account. The returns on gold are uncertain and there is a risk of earning no returns and/or the possibility of incurring losses.
  • It is important that customers inform HelloGold of any change in their contact details to ensure that all correspondences reach them in a timely manner.

This document is for information purposes only and it is not intended to be a complete statement or summary of the product particulars or risk factors. Should you choose to open a HelloGold account via the HelloGold Mobile App you must first read the terms and conditions. HelloGold is not acting as your financial adviser or fiduciary in any transaction. Your decision to open a Hellogold Account is to be based on your own judgement and/or based on independent advice.

Should customers require additional information about their HelloGold account, please refer to HelloGold.com