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2022 Mid-Year Gold Review

Someone asked me over Raya if I was surprised that gold hasn’t performed as well as it should have done this year given all that is happening around the world – the tragic war in Ukraine; inflation in most markets; logjam in commodities. I wondered whether it was more...

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12 Tips To Save Money This Raya

Having missed out on a full Raya experience for two years, it can be tempting to go all out with your Raya celebrations this year. With open houses to plan for and festive sales everywhere, you can easily get carried away with overspending. Before you go full speed...

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3 Short-Term Gold Price Drivers

I am bullish about gold – primarily because I believe in the three following factors: the continued growing prosperity of the people in large emerging nations like Indonesia, India and China – especially as those who emerge from below the poverty line will inevitably...

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