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4 Rules To Achieve Financial Success

How confident are you about managing your finances? Is your answer “super confident”? Then you may hit ‘x’ on this tab and continue surfing social media. If your answer is “not confident” or “pretty confident, then you could benefit from a smarter approach to managing...

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5 Risks of Not Saving in Gold

The struggle to save is very real and too many of us are becoming part of the statistics that says we would not be financially ready for an economic downfall or if faced with a financial emergency. As stressful as it may seem, saving isn’t impossible. Whether you can...

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3 Tips To Avoid Being A Scam Victim

Despite news warnings and efforts to reduce instances of scam in the last 5 years, it’s alarming how a significant number of Malaysians still fall prey to scams. In fact, a 2016 study conducted by Telenor group found that Malaysia was ‘the most vulnerable country to...

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HelloGold making gold savings accessible to all

MALAYSIA, New Straits Times, 2 May 2019 – KUALA LUMPUR: Shariah-compliant gold savings platform, HelloGold is aspiring to go beyond gold trading alone as it eyes to become a virtual bank within the short term. In an interview with NST Business, founders Robin Lee and...

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Can you trade gold with HelloGold?

While many trust in gold as a savings investment for the future, you might be wondering if it’s possible or smart to trade gold with HelloGold. Let us explain further. Much like day trading with stocks and forex, you can trade gold daily to profit from its price...

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Why Do Smart Investors Buy Gold?

You may have heard that gold is not just a good savings asset, but also a crucial asset integral to owning a diversified investment portfolio. If you’re looking to find out what gold can do for you as an investor, Robin Lee, shares key insights from his time as the...

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Say Hello To Gold: Is It Expensive To Own Gold?

Many believe you need large sums of money to buy gold. While this used to be true four years ago, this largely depends on the type of gold you are buying today. Let’s take a look at the types of gold you can buy for a simple price comparison. Jewellery Prices of...

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Say Hello To Gold: The Risk & Returns Of Gold

A common question asked when deciding to save gold is what returns you can expect. The key is understanding that high returns and high-risks come hand in hand; low-risk investments yield low returns. Low Risk Take a savings account at a bank for example; you earn...

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Is It Safe To Invest In Gold?

Gold is an interesting asset in that it doesn’t generate regular returns. Well, not in the conventional sense at least. Unlike shares, gold does not pay out any potential dividends or interest after your initial purchase. If this is what you’re looking for in an...

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