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Mengapa HelloGold Diiktiraf Patuh Syariah?

KEADILAN dan ETIKA adalah 2 kualiti utama dalam sesebuah urus niaga yang berlandaskan Syariah. Sebagai sebuah platform emas dalam talian pertama di dunia yang diiktiraf patuh Syariah, HelloGold komited dalam memberikan komuniti Islam sebuah perkhidmatan yang adil dan...

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6 Reasons Why Gold Protects Your Savings

Putting aside a portion of your earnings into savings is a great way to ensure your financial security in the future. However, what happens if your ringgit falls in value, or your cash goes missing? To avoid situations like these, it’s always good to diversify your...

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5 Easy Steps to Check if Your Gold Is Real

So, you’ve invested in your first gold product. This could be in the form of jewellery, or bars and coins. As there are many fakes out there, how can you determine that your gold is genuine?   1. Look for a hallmark stamp. Source Real gold jewellery will usually...

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How Can I Measure The Purity Of My Gold?

Gold has its own measurement and weightage system, setting it apart from other precious metals. Buying gold, however, couldn’t be easier - you simply need to consider the quality of your gold product and its actual gold content. You can determine this through its...

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