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Why Do Smart Investors Buy Gold?

You may have heard that gold is not just a good savings asset, but also a crucial asset integral to owning a diversified investment portfolio. If you’re looking to find out what gold can do for you as an investor, Robin Lee, shares key insights from his time as the...

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Say Hello To Gold: Is It Expensive To Own Gold?

Many believe you need large sums of money to buy gold. While this used to be true four years ago, this largely depends on the type of gold you are buying today. Let’s take a look at the types of gold you can buy for a simple price comparison. Jewellery Prices of...

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Say Hello To Gold: The Risk & Returns Of Gold

A common question asked when deciding to save gold is what returns you can expect. The key is understanding that high returns and high-risks come hand in hand; low-risk investments yield low returns. Low Risk Take a savings account at a bank for example; you earn...

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Is It Safe To Invest In Gold?

Gold is an interesting asset in that it doesn’t generate regular returns. Well, not in the conventional sense at least. Unlike shares, gold does not pay out any potential dividends or interest after your initial purchase. If this is what you’re looking for in an...

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Why Are Malaysians Buying Gold in 2019?

Chances are you may know little about gold or you view gold as a shiny metal that only older generations see value in. In an increasingly digital world, you may question what value gold has today and why HelloGold is making it a priority for Malaysians to save in...

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Why Do SEA Countries Store Gold?

Did you know that one of the amazing advantages of gold is its ability to be a hedge against many important things from everyday issues like inflation to macro issues like currency devaluation and systemic crises? For centuries, not only do individuals, regardless of...

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