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Gold has its own measurement and weightage system, setting it apart from other precious metals. Buying gold, however, couldn’t be easier – you simply need to consider the quality of your gold product and its actual gold content. You can determine this through its karat value.

Karat is the official unit used to measure the content of gold. It is based on a 24-point scale showing the amount of gold present in a metal. 24K gold means that all parts of your gold are pure, whereas 10K gold has 14 parts mixed with other metals, leaving only 10 parts of pure gold.

Simply put, the higher the karatage, the purer your gold product is.

However, different gold products contain varying amounts of actual gold in them. Here’s a basic guide to two types of gold you might think to buy.


Coins and Bars

If you are looking to invest in gold, you will probably choose gold coins or bars. These products are usually made out of the highest quality of gold at 24K or 22K.

24K gold is the purest form of gold you can find at 99.99% purity, or .999 fineness. This means that all 24 parts of the gold are pure without combinations of other metals in them.

22K gold is the second in line when discussing gold purity, containing 91.6% gold or 916 fineness. Gold purity below 90% is no longer considered fine, and you will not likely find coins or bars below that value.


Gold Jewellery

Pure gold is not suitable for jewellery because it is an extremely soft metal. This means that it is likely to lose its shape and will not hold other jewels, such as diamonds. Because of this, the gold used in jewellery is composed of a lower karatage, ranging from 22K to 10K gold.

You may have also heard of different types of gold in jewellery, like white gold and rose gold. These are simply mixed with other metals to manipulate its colour, and will therefore have a lower karatage. Natural gold has a bright, yellow golden colour which cannot be altered.

When buying gold, check that you are purchasing from an authorised seller. Only refiners approved by the London Bullion Market are certified to manufacture gold, and as of now, no Malaysian refiners are on the list. If your seller tries to tell you that the gold you are buying was made in Malaysia, be aware that it might be a fake.


Our Gold

HelloGold uses 99.99%, or 24K, investment grade gold bars sourced from Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux, an international gold refiner under the London Bullion Market Association. Our gold is fully allocated, which means that you will legally own all the gold bought with us.

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