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How to buy 99.99% gold bullion

Looking to buy gold bullion in Malaysia? Forget the hassle of going to shops and banks and putting down large payments at one go. HelloGold allows you to buy real gold bullion online, right from your mobile phone from just 1 ringgit.

Firstly, download the HelloGold app (if you haven’t already) and register for a gold savings account – it’s FREE!


How to buy gold bullion in Malaysia



To cross-check the gold you own with the bars stored in our custody, click here.

How to sell your gold

Looking to sell your gold bullion? With a tap of a button, you can instantly sell your gold at the best live gold prices and withdraw your money 24/7 (not including maintenance periods).


How to sell gold in Malaysia


How to withdraw your money


How to withdraw cash


How to redeem your gold

Want to hold and keep your own gold bar? HelloGold can arrange for your gold to be fully insured and delivered directly to your doorstep.

Simply call our customer service at 1 300 130 888 (within Malaysia) or +603 7661 6228 (outside Malaysia) to redeem your gold.

Our customer service will guide you through the documents and procedures required.


For more information on gold redemption, check our FAQ here.

Real, trusted, secure

With HelloGold you can rest assured knowing the gold you buy is real 99.99% investment-grade gold bars that are 100% insured, audited and allocated.


99.99% investment-grade gold bullion

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Enjoy a gold account, right in your pocket

Imagine the convenience of owning real gold bullion wherever you are.


What is HelloGold?

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