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It’s lunchtime and you want to share the many benefits of HelloGold with your friends (more importantly, your referral code) but they may not see the benefits of the app.

Your friends might have some common concerns, but here’s how to give them the proper assurance and motivation to start saving with HelloGold.

“You sure this one not scam ah?”

You might get asked this a lot. Malaysians can be a skeptical bunch and for good reason; from internet and banking fraud to get-rich-quick schemes on the rise, many Malaysians are becoming increasingly cautious.

Assure your friends
Inform them that HelloGold is a recognized Shariah-compliant (ethical Islamic financing) company that complies with BNM guidelines:

  • Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001
  • Financial Services Act 2013
  • Personal Data Protection Act 2010

“I already keep my savings in a regular savings account”

Before HelloGold, there were few other savings alternatives to consider so your friends might not know why it’s better to also have a gold savings account.

Money kept in your regular savings account may lose value
Annual inflation devalues your Ringgit. Let your friends know that keeping part of your savings in a gold savings account can retain your purchasing power, especially during recessions and economic crises.


Gold has proven to consistently hedge against inflation. Historical performance shows that gold’s stable and reliable growth has kept in line (and above!) with inflation.

“No money la”

…Michelle says as she sips on her RM10 boba tea. All the excuses are coming out already, how now?

HelloGold is affordable for everyone
If your friend can afford dessert, coffee or a movie every week, assure them that saving a mere RM1 a day is not impossible.

Tell your friends not to worry about saving big amounts at a time. With HelloGold, you can save from as low as RM1. There are no registration fees and you can sell your gold anytime.

Where else can you find a gold savings platform that offers such affordability and convenience?

“What do I get for using your code?”

Refer friends and earn RM5
Everyone loves a win-win situation. When your friends use your code and purchase a minimum of RM50 on their first transaction, they’ll receive a rebate of RM5. THen, they can refer their friends and earn RM5 for every successful referral too!

“Too lazy to start la”

This is the ultimate Malaysian ‘whatever’ response when think something is too difficult.

Registering for a HelloGold account is easy!

Refer and win up to RM500 IN GOLD


Are you and your friends interested to win RM500? Join HelloGold’s ‘Unlock The Gold’ promo and earn the highest number of successful referrals to win up to RM500 in gold.

The promo ends November 5th, 2019, so start now to get a headstart!

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