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Step 1:

Log in to your HelloGold Account. Click on “Rewards” to find out your referral code.

Step 2:

You will get to see your code and share it with your friends and family!

You can also see how many friends and family have used your code.

Step 3:

Click the share button to share it on other platforms you are active on!

Step 4:

When your friends or family purchase the minimum amount of gold to get the rebate, you will get your “Referral Bonus” credited into your account!

You can check it by clicking on “History”


Step 1:

Head over to the menu tab and click on “Rewards”. Enter your friend’s referral code here.

Step 2:

When you apply the correct referral code, the discount amount will be reflected on your buy gold page.

The rebate will only be applied when you make the minimum purchase needed to activate the referral code.

Step 3:

Once the payment has been made, you will receive the total amount of gold listed!

It will also be reflected in your “Transaction History”


1. What is a Referral Code?

A Referral code is a unique code given to every HelloGold user which can be shared and used by other users to get a rebate when buying a certain amount of gold. In return, the referrer will get a reward each time a friend uses the code.

2. How do I get the Referral Code?

All users who have completed identity verification can see their own Referral Code in the Invite Friends screen.

3. How can I share my Referral Code?

HelloGold users can copy the code by clicking the copy icon. HelloGold users can also share it through other platforms (Example: Facebook, Twitter, email, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc) by clicking the share button and selecting his/her friends they would like to share their Referral Code with.

4. Who is eligible to use the Referral Code?

Any new HelloGold user or existing HelloGold users who have yet to buy gold or apply a promo code can enter a Referral Code within 30 days after the account is approved. Any user whose account has been approved no later than 30 days is able to use the Referral Code.

5. How do I enter a Referral Code?

Upon receiving the invitation from your friend, you may download the HelloGold app and start registering.

Users can enter the Referral Code using these steps:

  1. Log in to the HelloGold app
  2. Tap on the “Rewards” tab
  3. Select “Enter Code” tab at the top of the screen
  4. Enter the code and click Apply

6. Is there a limit for the number of people I can share my Referral Code with?

No, there is no limit to the number of people you can share your code with.

7. If my friends or family purchase double the amount needed to get the referral rebate, will I get double the amount of gold?

No. The reward amount given or rebate amount will be the same.

8. Can I send or sell the gold I earned from referrals?

Yes. All gold earned from referrals can be sent or sold.

9. Will my Referral Code expire?

Each HelloGold customer is assigned a unique code that can be shared. This code will not expire as long as the Referral Promotion continues and HelloGold reserves the right to amend or update the referral promotion at any time without prior notice.

For a new user who applies a Referral Code, the code will expire 30 days after the account is approved.

10. Can I withdraw the gold which I earned from the Referral Promotion?

Yes. You may sell the gold earned and then withdraw in cash.

11. I am below 18 years old, can I use the Referral Code?

No, any user below the age of 18 will not be able to register to HelloGold.

12. Will the bonus gold that I earn expire?

No. The gold you earn is added to your gold balance.

13. Can my friends and family use my Referral Code?

Yes, as long as they enter a Referral Code within 30 days after their account is approved, they are able to use your code.

14. If my friends or family share my Referral Code with their friends, will I earn the same rewards?

Yes. You will earn the same reward amount if they purchase the minimum amount of gold as stated in the Referral Code Promotion Terms and Conditions.

15. Can I use multiple Referral Codes from multiple friends?

No. You may only apply one Referral code.

16. Can I use the code concurrently with other HelloGold Promo Codes?

No, this is subject to the following Referral Terms & Conditions. Click here to read the Referral Terms and Conditions.

17. Can I make multiple purchases of gold until the required amount is reached to get the RM5 rebate?

No. You need to make a one time purchase of the required amount of gold in full amount using the Referral Code in order to enjoy the rebate.

18. How long does it take to receive my reward?

You would receive the reward as soon as your friend who uses your referral code successfully purchase the minimum amount of gold required by the Referral Promotion.

19. How can I check the status of my reward in the App?

You can check if you have received the reward by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to the HelloGold app.
  2. Tap on “History”.
  3. For every reward you earned, it is shown as “Referral Bonus”.

20. What if I am unable to use the Referral Code?

If the Referral Promo code does not work, you may contact our customer care team by calling :

Within Malaysia: 1 300 130 888

Out Of Malaysia: +603 7661 6228

You may also contact our customer care team via email: hello@hellogold.com