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HelloGold Awards & Recognitions

In just three short years, HelloGold has been awarded and commended for our technology and service to the people.

Benefits of HelloGold


Buy 99.99% investment grade gold at the most competitive rates in Malaysia. Check it out for yourself here.


Buy and sell gold in any amount, any time, from anywhere or request for your gold to be physically delivered straight to your doorstep.


Track real time gold prices and buy gold online through your mobile phone.


Your gold is fully allocated. Even at RM1, the gold you buy is physically stored as a fraction of a gold bar in our secure vaults in Singapore or Dubai.


Your gold is fully insured and audited by a leading precious metal auditor.


Certified by Amanie Advisors, Shariah compliance means that your gold is fully allocated and all our processes are in line with the requirements of Shariah law.



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Customer Reviews

“I never imagined that we can buy this gold easily and now everyone can buy gold. Thanks a million HelloGold. Impressive. Good job!”

“Am a user, also UI/UX person. So far I tried this app, well designed and professional. Trusted, already tried to purchase and withdraw. You buy gold here you can request to have the gold 1g, 2.5g, 5g, so it's shariah compliant.”

“Nice app, easy to check price of gold, buy then sell to cash out. I started investing in gold last March, so I am a beginner. I don't have a high income as I am a student but this app allows me to buy gold from as low as RM1! It's also very beginner friendly.”

“I love it! A truly Excellent App that allows everyone to invest in gold in the fastest and easiest way possible. Great work team! This concept is awesome. The founder of HelloGold noted that investing is not only the privilege of rich people, but also ordinary people like me!”

“Awal pagi tadi saya register dan terus beli emas dalam aplikasi Hello Gold ni. Semuanya berjaya.Harap2 aplikasi Hello Gold ni (dari Register ke Pengeluaran Tunai) dapat dipertingkatkan lagi di masa hadapan agar ia dapat memudahkan serta melicinkan urusan jual beli dalam Hello Gold ni. Terbaik Hello Gold”

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