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It has been nearly 2 years since Covid-19 started and its disrupting effects are ongoing, not only for Malaysians but also for our refugee communities. Having endured displacement, refugees’ lives are further strained, impacting their survival.PichaEats, a social enterprise that helps create sustainable employment opportunities for refugees, re-ignited the Zaza Movement during lockdown.

What is the Zaza Movement?

In honour of a refugee chef who passed away in 2017, the Zaza Movement was created to enable and empower refugee chefs to cook and deliver that cooked food to people in need.

This month’s campaign is focused on providing support to refugee chefs. Your donations will help them buy ingredients, prepare meals and deliver food for people in need. With a target of RM50,000, PichaEats aims to produce 3931 meals, with each meal costing RM12.72.

Make a donation today by contributing directly to Global Sadaqah via the HelloGold app. Start with sending just RM10 in gold to hello@globalsadaqah.com.

How to donate gold to Global Sadaqah

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Learn more about this initiative here.

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