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Ever feel down and not yourself? We’ve all been there at one point in our lives. Real talk – 29% of Malaysians are living with mental illness and 40% will suffer from some sort of mental health illness in their lifetime.

At the beginning of 2019, nearly 500 million Malaysians experienced depression symptoms and that number skyrocketed during the pandemic. Sadly, many cases go undetected and untreated. That’s why this month, Global Sadaqah is helping raise funds for Relationary, a premium mental health centre based in Malaysia that provides in-person and online assistance.

Relationary is headed by Ammar Abuzahra, a licensed Professional Counselor by Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia, who wants to help break the stigma of mental illness and make professional psychotherapy services accessible to the wider community. The services include treatment for depression, anger, anxiety, disconnection, personality disorders and many more.

Your donation will cover the cost of therapy for 50 people for 10 individual sessions (50 mins each) OR 25 people for 20 individual sessions (50 mins each).

Help save a life by donating today by contributing directly to Global Sadaqah via the HelloGold app. Start with sending just RM10 in gold to hello@globalsadaqah.com.

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Learn more about this initiative here.

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