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Our front-liners need your help and support! 💪🏼 Last week Malaysia recorded 6,380 new confirmed cases and many hospitals and quarantine centres are struggling to save lives with dated facilities and limited medical equipment.

This month’s campaign is helping raise funds to expand the facilities of quarantine centres and a major hospital in Johor that has 350 personnel and treats over 200+ Covid-19 patients at a given time.

By donating your funds will be upgrading:

  1. The Emergency and Trauma Department’s medical gas system that connects the oxygen and channels it to the critically ill patients in the decontamination room.
  2. Need a barrier near the front counter lobby as it is very vulnerable to the presence of patient movement.
  3. Overcrowding due to the increase in Covid numbers has led to many people waiting outside the hospital premises, with many having to lay on the floor or sit on the ground. The hospital requests to have additional beds, lazy chairs, and oximeters to address this situation and help the incoming patients.

The total cost of upgrading the needed facilities at the Emergency and Trauma Department at the hospital is RM74,950. Below are the items needed:

  • Preliminary cost estimates for mechanical work: RM17,350
  • Civil and mechanical fee: RM33,600
  • Cost of lazy chair (RM200 X 20 units) = RM4,000
  • Hospital Bed (RM800 × 20 units) = RM16,000
  • Oximeter (RM100 x 30 units) = RM3,000

Make a donation today by contributing directly to Global Sadaqah via the HelloGold app. Start with sending just RM10 in gold to hello@globalsadaqah.com.

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Learn more about this initiative here.

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