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The Covid-19 pandemic has brought a heavy strain on our medical system not only to our frontliners but also to many Malaysians. Two months ago, Raveen Arun, received tragic news of his 61 year old father, Arunaghiri Nathan, being diagnosed with stage 4 Covid. The situation was made worse when he was not given a spot in the designated public hospitals that were meant for Covid patients.

With a lack of beds, Raveen had to admit his father to a private hospital in Klang Sri Kota Medical Centre and pay a deposit of RM20,000. Raveen’s father was doing fine for the initial 7 days until he collapsed on the 8th day. This led to an emergency intervention where his father had to be intubated with his actual blood gas being irregular for 30 days. After a month of suffering, the doctors decided to conduct a tracheostomy operation on Raveen’s father with the hope that the situation would improve. Unfortunately, Raveen’s father suffered from a second infection to the lungs right after the successful surgery because of spending so much time in the ICU. Doctors believe that it would take 4 to 6 months for Raveen’s father to recover from lung damage and advised Raveen to move his father to nursing care with a BIPAP machine and oxygen concentrator facility. Upon making this decision, Raveen’s father collapsed unconsciously once again with his blood pressure crashing due to another blockage in the tracheotomy.

Raveen’s father now needs immediate medical attention with frequent physio and blockage suction to be done. Raveen has finally moved his father into a nursing home called Genesis Nursing Care where his father is required to be on 20L oxygen and is making slow but positive progress. Raveen is paying RM6,000 monthly for his fathers nursing home. This has taken a stress on the entire family as the pandemic has already affected finances heavily. Raveen’s main challenge comes from the fact that he now needs to settle the remaining of his father’s hospital bill. Raveen’s father’s total hospital bill came up to RM 388,122.90 of which Raveen has already paid RM 268,365.55 via funds raised from relatives, family savings, and even withdrawn from his mother’s EPF money. Raveen now needs to raise another RM100,000 to help settle his fathers pending medical bill dues.

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By donating you will be helping Raveen help pay off his medical expenses to keep his father alive.

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