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Celebrate this International Women’s Month by donating to Global Sadaqah’s Qard Hasan fund aimed at supporting Malaysia’s Female Entrepreneurs.

What is Qard Hasan?

Qard Hasan is a loan extended on a goodwill basis, typically for social welfare or short-term financing needs. The borrower pays back only the amount borrowed, with no interest or charges from the lender.
Most of these beneficiaries don’t have assets to be deposited as a security with banks to be able to get a loan or even make it past the risk screening.

This program opens doors of empowerment and self-sustenance for women in need of assistance and enables them to be free of high-interest loans and debt with punitive terms

Here’s how you can contribute directly via the HelloGold app:

How to donate gold to Global Sadaqah

View the campaign here.

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