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This month’s Global Sadaqah campaign is raising funds for less privileged (B40) students from Kolej Felcra to pursue an education to better their lives.

Kolej Felcra offers pre-diploma, certificate and diploma courses in farming and business.
Nearly 70% of their students come from lower income families, who are not able to afford the full cost of their education.

Your donation will cover the study fees, accommodation and food allowance for these students in need. For just RM390/month, you will provide food expenses for 1 student. This will give them the energy to pursue their education and can help not only their future but the future of their families too.

You can help by donating today by contributing directly to Global Sadaqah via the HelloGold app. Start with sending just RM50 in gold to hello@globalsadaqah.com.

How to donate gold to Global Sadaqah

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Learn more about this initiative here.

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