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It’s been over 500 days of us battling the Covid-19 pandemic and it has taken its toll on our mental, financial and emotional health. In the first five months of 2021, the Malaysian police recorded 468 suicides.

Although the #BenderaPutih campaign has rallied many of us to help our fellow Malaysians, reaching those in need was challenging without a centralised place for us to refer to and direct our help. Thankfully the Kita Jaga app was created to make helping each other easier and now they need your help too to continue operating.

What is Kita Jaga app?

The Kita Jaga Malaysia app makes it easy for you to get access to key information for help or to provide aid under one platform. You can easily:

  • search or mark key locations of food banks,
  • find those who are in need or can help, and
  • directly contact individuals to coordinate in minutes rather than wait for hours.

As more Malaysians need help, the platform needs enhancing and more support to keep running to maintain the same quality of service. By donating you will be helping cover the operational expenses that will help KitaJaga continue to support many Malaysians in need.

Cost Breakdown:

  • Overhead cost (Developers + Designers + Support) = RM 53,000
  • General and Project Administration = RM 10,500
    Total: RM63,500 /Month

Here’s how you can help by contributing directly to Global Sadaqah via the HelloGold app. Send gold easily to hello@globalsadaqah.com

How to donate gold to Global Sadaqah

Learn more about this initiative here.

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