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Protecting yourself and your finances is now more important than ever and at HelloGold we’re serious about both! That’s why we’ve put together a special promotion to give you added protection and rewards while you save.

Get Insured, Get RM5 SmartSaver Promotion:

From 18th until 31st October 2021, just save a minimum of RM30 in gold plus RM3 premium for 3 consecutive months in the Micro Lifestyle Insurance goal and get an extra RM5 in gold on us.

How to Enter:

  1. Subscribe for the ‘Micro Lifestyle Insurance’ SmartSaver goal on your app
  2. Start between the 18th to 31st of October 2021
  3. Save a minimum of RM30 gold plus RM3 premium for 3 months
  4. Enjoy RM5 in gold rewards!

Don’t wait until something happens, save and get insured today!

Terms and conditions apply

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