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The future of
physical gold ownership

A great store of wealth

Gold has maintained its value over the long-term, making it a great store of wealth. Historically, it has outperformed most of the world’s currencies particularly during times of uncertainty and market stress.

Saving in gold is a stable way to protect your finances and secure your future.

Gold price chart

Check out how gold prices in Malaysia have performed in the past 20 years. Check out our app for live gold prices in Malaysia today.

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What gold we offer

Physical investment grade gold

The gold you purchase from us is 99.99% investment grade, which is the purest form of gold you can find.

Sourced from PAMP

Our gold is sourced from Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux, one of three refineries worldwide on the ‘Approved Good Delivery Referees’ list by the LBMA.

Approved by the LBMA

The London Bullion Market Association is the global authority on precious metals. They regulate gold refiners to make sure their gold meets the exacting standards for trading on the world’s largest gold market.

Your gold is 100% allocated

Unallocated gold

  • Your invested gold is the property of your gold provider.
  • Your gold may be lent out without your knowledge or consent.
  • Your gold may be lost if your gold provider goes out of business.

Allocated gold

  • You are the legal owner of the gold you purchase.
  • Your gold cannot be used or taken out of its vault by anyone without your consent.
  • Your gold remains yours even if your gold provider goes out of business.

Your gold is safe

Any gold you buy with us is stored in our trusted vault providers in Singapore. Your gold is fully insured against all risks at full replacement value.

Your gold is audited

Every 6 months, your gold will be audited by an LBMA-approved auditor, Bureau Veritas. Here are the three tests performed on your gold to ensure it is real and 100% genuine.

1. Physical count of gold bars

Bureau Veritas checks for the physical existence of all customer owned precious metals held by BullionStar on behalf of its storage customers as storage provider.

2. Accuracy of serial numbers

Bullion bars are randomly selected and their serial numbers are compared against the serial numbers listed in BullionStar’s bar list.

3. Purity of bullion bars

The weight and purity of randomly selected bullion bars are measured against the product description of the gold.

You can cross-check against records

That’s why we provide two lists on our website.

Gold bar list

The gold bar list is provided by BullionStar at the end of every working day, showing the gold they hold in our vault.

Gold bar list  ›

Customer gold list

Our customer gold list records the total amount of gold our customers have bought from us. You’ll be able to see your own holding, check our total gold balance, and cross-check the custody list totals directly to our bar lists. It’s all numbered so you can remain anonymous!

Customer gold list  ›

You can redeem
physical gold

Redemption is in whole grams, starting from 1 gram. Each CertiPAMP™ gold bar is sealed and comes with the assayer’s signature, the bar’s unique serial number, purity and weight.

You can check for yourself on the PAMP Veriscan App to ensure your gold is a registered bar.