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“HelloGold fees are too high”
“Why got so many fees?”
“Please reduce your fees”

We understand – nobody likes fees.

We’ve heard your concerns and we understand your sentiments, so allow us to offer a better understanding with a breakdown of our fees.

1. Transaction fee

A 0.79% fee is charged every time you buy gold and 2% when you sell gold.

Why charge a transaction fee?

These fees go toward the ongoing maintenance, operations and developmental costs of our platform.

Imagine owning a 24/7 coffee shop so people can buy coffee anytime. It’ll be hard work to keep everyone caffeinated at every hour, right?

These transaction fees help keep our app up and running smoothly, 24/7 so everyone has the convenience to buy and sell gold whenever and wherever they are.

Gold Price Spread

HelloGold functions as a form of broker between you, the gold buyer, and our international gold bullion provider – the gold seller. For this service, brokers worldwide charge a fee.

A spread is a basic compensation for each broker for their services; it is the difference between the buying and selling price of an asset (such as foreign currency).

In this case, HelloGold’s gold price spread is the difference between the 0.79% buy fee and the 2% sell fee on your purchase of gold at the given price on the date of purchase.

2. Administrative Fee

We charge an annual administrative fee of 2% on the total amount of gold you have (in grams) to keep your gold safe and secure.

The fee is calculated daily and charged on a monthly basis.

Why charge an administrative fee?


We presume you keep your money with a bank because of the risk of losing your cash and the convenience of withdrawing it anytime. That’s why our admin fee covers the costs to keep your gold safe with our trusted vault provider, Bullion Star International, Singapore.

Sure, you can rent out a safety deposit box, but they may cost more in the long run.

How about buying your own safety deposit box?

Sounds like a good idea, but what happens when your box gets stolen or damaged in a crisis?


That’s why our admin fees ensure that your gold is FULLY insured in the event anything happens to your allocated gold.

That means if your allocated gold were stolen or destroyed whilst under our custody, you will be fully compensated.


All the gold stored in Bullion Star’s vaults undergo frequent audits by a recognized third-party:

  • Professionals come in and check that the serial numbers on gold bars match
  • They inspect the quality of gold, that nothing has been tampered with or damaged
  • They ensure that your gold bars have not been stolen or swapped out with fake gold

HelloGold is transparent about fees

We made a decision to be upright about our fees because we believe you should be clearly informed before you make a decision to save in gold with your hard-earned money.

You might be thinking, “but why do other banks and gold dealers not have any fees?”

Many banks and gold dealers don’t display their various fees because they are already included in the final displayed buy and sell price. More often than not, these prices are often higher and include more overall fees compared to HelloGold.


Here’s what we mean…

Gold Price Comparison Chart

Here’s a comparison chart between some popular gold providers in Malaysia and HelloGold:

HelloGold gold price comparison table chart

HelloGold has the most competitive spread in Malaysia.

gold price spread comparison Malaysia

For regulatory reasons, we cannot disclose the names of the gold dealers above. However, you may do a simple internet search and compare these prices for yourself.



As you can see, HelloGold has the cheapest gold spread and fees compared to most popular gold dealers in Malaysia.

Try it for yourself with just RM1

Unlike other gold dealers, you don’t even have to go to a physical store or bank – you can manage all your gold savings right from the convenience of your mobile phone!

Why choose HelloGold:

  • 100% no hidden fees
  • Most competitive gold spread in Malaysia
  • Buy gold from RM1
  • FREE account registration
  • Fully allocated and insured gold
  • 99.99% investment-grade gold bullion
  • Trusted by over 230,000 Malaysians

At HelloGold we believe financial inclusivity means making our financial products affordable, convenient and transparent.

Why not open gold savings account with the lowest spread in Malaysia today!
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